Back Porch Specials


We would like to thank all of our participants in our first ever winter eaters club. Our collective efforts were just the beginning of our off season efforts to provide islanders with tasty, thoughtfully sourced food for as long as possible. We will take the coming months as a team to continue to strategize and come up with an intentional plan to reach our goal of feeding islanders year round.

We began this journey in 2016 by launching The Back Porch, continued our efforts this past year by keeping the Back Porch’s doors open through December and started our first ever eaters club. We look forward to opening the Back Porch  even earlier this spring and spreading the word of our winter/year long commitments of sustainability to even more of our island friends to run our eaters club even further through the winter.

We would to love to hear any feedback about your experience and again thanks so much for all of your support.