A Little Hole in the Wall to the Kitchen Porch Catering

Our Kitchen Porch Catering began in 1988 at the Farmer’s Market where we made sauces and spreads. When farmers had too much of a crop, we took it and turned it into a product that home cooks loved! Using ingredients at their peak freshness and creating menus that support a farmer’s surplus is what we are about. Utilizing whole animals or cuts that are less popular on plates, we create menus around these items. Whether it is stocks made from our onion and carrot skins or beef bones from grass-fed cows raised on organic pastures, we create something from fresh local farm products!

The Back Porch Larder is using the catering excess to create soups, hand pies, sandwiches, grain and vegetable bowls. Of course, you will find many of our sauces, dips, spreads and preserves on the larder shelves as well.

Daily specials are created out of the Kitchen Porch abundance.

A little Larder of Meals to Go and Stock the Pantry Goodies

Good Clean Food